What is lost

Chapter 4: You Don't Seem Yourself

Everyone get’s kidnapped by dopplegangers and they wake up in a cave. After collapsing a bridge, fighting a beast and retrieving an artifact, the party heads to a nearby town. When they arrive, they join the townspeople who are listening to their princess give an announcement concerning the tournament that will be held to determine the next ruler of the town. Before the details of the tournament are even mentioned, Gregory thoroughly convinces the princess that she is to marry him and declare him rightful leader of the town. It’s determined that Gregory will marry Princess Rosalue and become ruler of the town, but in his absence (as he wants to continue adventuring) the winner of the tournament will lead the town.

Night approaches. Everyone is tired after convincing the houses of the village to let them represent them. During their rest, Gregory is bonked on his head and kidnapped. The rest of the party wakes up the following morning and attend the tournament, fighting their darndest to win for their house. Aria destroys the competition, landing her a spot in the final fight against Glorindu.

The rest, in the next chapter…

Chapter 5: Gregory’s Lost Love


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