What is lost

The Adventure Begins

One by one, the adventurers awake to find themselves stranded in a cove. The area around them is dark and foggy, and before too long, a lumbering figure starts its way towards them. There’s apprehension in the group, and a few call out to the figure asking its intentions, but they hear no response. Once the figure gets close enough, the party realizes it’s not exactly…alive. It attacks, hungry for fresh flesh. The party attempts to slow the zombies progress, and are almost successful — Burgnur receives a nasty bite, leaving a large chunk missing from his left arm. Luckily Gregory House, the cleric, is able to heal Burgnur a bit, after coming out from hiding beneath the nearby rowboat, but the wound still remains.

After the party defeats the zombie, they claim the club it wielded as well as the knife that was embedded in its gut. A nearby rowboat was searched, and a 10ft rope was found. At this point, some of the party searched for a secret door of some sort that could lead them out of the cove while other took a more direct approach. Glorindu Nightblade tries to scale the rocky wall, but fumbles and lands on the rope, slicing it in two with his newly acquired knife. Aria, with the help of a couple of her party members, gets boosted up and pulls herself up enough to see over the cliff. She makes note that there’s lots of trees, and there’s a board being held up by two sticks. It looks like an entrance with stairs leading down into the ground. Before long, her companions lift her down.

Meanwhile, Malkith comes across a secret entrance and pushes it open, finding a cave. The party joins him in the cave, and they follow through the cave. After a short while, they can see an exit. Malkith is leading when he suddenly feels a tug on his ankle. Before he walks too far, he brings his leg back and sees a rope crossing the ground near his feet. The rope leads along the wall up towards the exit. Glorindu Nightblade uses his rogueish skills to disarm the “trap” so none of the other party members trip it. Kishin, Yakate looks back the way they came in and sees another silhouette. The party heads up the stairs and out of the cave. Aria recognizes that the board that she had seen is the same board that they are right next to (judas I’m not an english major). The dwarf kicks the sticks out of the way, and the door slams shut.

Verro and Gregory make their way to the edge of the cliff and look down into the cove. The silhouette is advancing towards the entrance of the cave. Verro shouts out to the figure, but it doesn’t respond. Gregory summons divine light that descends upon the figure and reveals its less than living features.

The party decides to advance along the path that stems from the exit of the cave. They all feel a tug along the trail, and they feel that an item they hold dear awaits them at the end of the path. Yakate embraces this feeling, and with a will that would strike fear into the mightiest of enemies, he disappears in a flash, running with all his might down the trail. The dwarf notices his companion making like a bat out of hell and pursues him.

The rest of the party takes a more leisurely pace. Gregory constantly checks with Borgnur, making sure that he feels all right, whether that be out of the goodness of his heart, or for fear of the inevitable.

Gregory makes a conscious effort to find a firefly or moss so he can cast his light spell, and finally finds a lone firefly off the path. He thrusts his hands out, but can’t find a hold on the to-be victim. Before long (again) Gregory finds himself a good ways off the path. He decides he should make his way back. Gregory is making progress, but mistakes some things around him and turns away from the path. While doing so, Malkith tries to cast dancing lights, and like an old man, find himself unable to muster up the “magic.” Malkith looks in the direction that Gregory went and sees a silhouette, but can’t make out if it’s hostile or friendly. Verro feels uneasy, and decides he should try to send a signal to Gregory in the form of a fireball, and a burning tree. The tree wasn’t burning until it was hit by the fireball, but the signal was sent loud…well not very loud, but quite clearly. Gregory notices the billowing flames and makes his way back to the trail.

The reunion. Verro and Gregory are relieved to meet each others’ gaze once again. Verro notices marks on Gregory’s face that stem from his eyes and have removed all the dirt and grime that have accumulated from hiding under rowboats and other stuff.

The party continues on.

Meanwhile, the rōnin and dwarf have made good distance. Yakate finds himself at the gates of a small town called Serrinville. The guard greets Takate and asks his business. After the pleasantries, the guard directs Makate to “Doran’s Wares,” the local trade shop who’s owner, Doran Cornwallis, has just received a new, large shipment of goods. The guard forgets (whoops) to tell Lakate that Doran is probably at the Inn ( Come Inn) celebrating the arrival of his new goods. The dwarf is not far behind and receives the same treatment from the guard, but this time the guard remembers that Doran is probably at the Inn.

The rest of the party is walking along the path when they’re suddenly ambushed by 3 zombies and a larger, ogre zombie (that likes to loaf about and not hit anyone). They dispatch of the smaller zombies by mutilating their head in some way, then move on the the Big Guy. The Big Guy manages to strike Ilaria, knocking her unconcious. She coughs and blood gurgles in her mouth. Gregory runs towards her, taking note of her newly revealed hip and leg. He tries to stabilize her but finds he just too distracted. When it looks like Ilaria is about to give up the ghost, Verro runs over, shakes off a blow from one of the nearby zombies and slaps her across the face (while doing other medically stuff) and stabilizes Ilaria. As she wakes, she looks into Verro’s eyes, and he into her’s. She then shifts her gaze to the lumbering ogre. She pulls her hands up, and fire pours out. Unfortunately, she’s not aware of her drow companion who gets caught up in the blaze. Her magic is uncontrolled, and her blaze knocks the drow down and unconcious. Gregory, feeling inadequate but very scared that his own companion would fry his other companion, army crawls his way towards the seared Malkith. Luckily, Gregory had found a plant that has special healing properties and is able to dress Malkith’s wounds, but removes all his clothes in the process. Malkith awakes naked and burnt.

The party goes all out on the ogre. The ogre receives blows from clubs, poison sprays, fireballs and even gets his spleen forcefully taken away. After a searing fireball stemming from Verro burns away more flesh from the ogre, it breathes its last breath. The party, wanting to be for absolute sure, continues to beat the ever living shit out of the dead undead body, much to their dismay (why didn’t jesus come down and say he was dead?!?!).

The party leaves the carcasses lining the trail. After a ways, the moon-elf druid realizes they probably should have searched the carcass for any loot, and heads back to the bodies while the party continues on. Once she arrives at the carnage they left, she finds a short-sword and a purse containing 120gp. She picks up the loot, and quickly makes her way back to the rest of the party who is just now reaching the walls of Serrinville.

A guard scouts the surrounding land. It’s late at night, and the fog is thick. He picks out some lumbering figures that are limping, slowly towards the town. He decides they are hostile, takes aim, and fires a balista towards the leading figure. The bolt lands, and the figure falls over. Great, he thinks,that’s one down. Another figure makes an appearance, and he takes aim again. Another hit! More show up. Wow…that’s a lot more. They usually don’t group up like that. Then it hits the guard…they weren’t zombies! Realizing his mistake, he goes down and opens the gate. There he sees 6 people making their way over. Many aren’t looking good, and one has a noticeable chunk missing from his arm. The skin around the arm reminded the guard of the bites he had seen from zombies in the past. “Sorry, can’t let anyone that’s been bit inside the town,” he states. Malkith is noticeably angered by this soldier. He’s shot innocent people, and now he won’t let them in. Malkith makes sure the soldier knows that his life would be cut short if he didn’t let the party in, and the soldier complies.

While this all happened, the dwarf and ronin find each other within the streets. The ronin glares at a cat, but it’s unfaìzed by the glare. The two decide to head to the Inn and talk to Doran. Once there, Doran is threatened by Pakate and bans him from his shop. Qakate and Glorindu decide they’ll just got break into Doran’s shop. On their way over, they are caught by a guard and forced back to the Inn. Glorindu stealthily takes the guards purse containing 5gp. Once inside the Inn, the guard helps Bakate and Glorindu strike a deal with the Innkeeper so they can stay the night. They must do work for him, which included wearing revealing clothing and taking drinks to the patrons. Glorindu dislikes how much he is groped. They makes a gold piece each in tips.


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