What is lost

Episode 2: Doran's Blade

We begin our next step where we left off last time. The remainder of the party has arrived at Come Inn and are examining their surroundings. They see a solemn man, who’s name is in my notes that I don’t have right now, and Doran, who’s enjoying a drink with some buddies. Verro convinces Doran to buy him a drink, and in doing so, secures himself some of the strongest ale the inn has to offer at 90% alcohol content (or whatever it is). Verro finds out that Serrinville is famous for its strong alcohol with some drinks climbing as high as 105% alcohol (the cup itself it also alcohol that can be consumed).

Aria divvies out the coins she found on the zombie ogre, handing 20gp to each of her party members. Using their newly found cash, everyone purchases a room for the night, and Clakate pays off his debt to the innkeeper so he doesn’t have to work the following morning.

Over in town barracks, [guard] speaks to his commander.

“Sir, I have committed the unthinkable…I let a party containing an infected person enter our-”

WHAT?! You KNOW we have no tolerance for the infected! And now there’s one in our very town of Serrinville?! [guard], your mistake was grave. You shall face your consequences in the morning. As for the infected, you two! Go check the inn for any new visitors. They’ve probably sought refuge from the night there. Now, go.”

After everyone has sought shelter in their rooms (except for Verro, who continues partying with Doran and convinces Doran to let him sleep on his “couch” that night) a couple of soldiers enter the inn. They’re stern with their demands. The innkeeper eventually gives in, but not before Ilaria exits her room and sees them coming. The soldiers make their way to the stairs leading up to the rooms. Once at the top, they top at the first door and knock. Ilaria answers.

“Do you know of anyone that’s infected, miss?”

Ilaria, in her night-time garments (of which I have no idea how she acquired) makes sure to stretch her leg out just a bit, and make sure her neckline dipped to an appropriate (or inappropriate?) level and tell the guards “No, we have no knowledge of any infected people. I have some friends within these other rooms, and they will give you the same answer. We’re all very tired, and I could use my rest. I can’t maintain these looks without a good night’s rest sir knight,” she coos as she blinks rapidly…er I mean flourishes her graceful eyelashes.

“Of course not! How could we be so silly. We’ll leave you all alone. Have a good night miss, and enjoy your stay,” says the guard as he rushingly starts shoving his companion down the stairs. “Enjoy your…wait I already……bye!” And the guards both disappear from the inn, wholly convinced that no one at the inn knew of the infected visitor.

Verro and Doran decide their night should come to an end. Doran leads Verro back to his shop, opens the doors and ushers Verro through. Once inside, Doran open a door to his basement storage where there is a bunch of hay that Verro can sleep on. Once Verro is inside, Doran wishes him “good night” and locks the door.

After a few hours of meditating, the elves of the party awaken to do absolutely nothing. Verro, being a high-elf, does not wake up after the usual 4 hours of meditating but instead after 6 hours due to the amount of alcohol he consumed. Once awoken, he searches his surroundings and finds some apples in a nearby barrel, and happily helps himself.

After 8 hours of peaceful sleeping, the rest of the party, and Doran, awake to a dreary morning. Verro pounds on the locked door, and Doran happily comes down to let him out. “Help yourself to the apples.” “I already did.” “K, bastard…” Verro leaves Doran’s shop Cena


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