What is lost

Malkith, Speaker of Salt

Most of the party finds themselves in the throne room of the now deceased Doran. After such a difficult fight, they all feel like they know just a bit more about things…like they’ve gained a good amount of experience. They decide to take a long rest in the throne room.

After searching around the room, the party finds a secret tunnel. They follow down the tunnel until the get to a dark (uh, but I have superior dark vision, bitch) room. Once inside, a figure appears in a bright explosion and says some evil stuff, wakes the dozing dragon, blasts the exit and peaces out. Inside the room the party finds a pool of pure water and, of course, the now fully awake undead dragon. After getting set on fire multiple times, falling unconscious and losing clothes (and being fondled by an overly nervous cleric) the party melts the dragon down and finds a door. Gregory fills his water container thing with the cure, but the rest of the pool becomes corrupted, leaving Gregory the sole owner of the pure water.

The party finds a trapdoor and exits the dungeon after killing the dragon…huh…like…dungeons and dragons. Huh. They walk a ways, get out of the tunnel and find themselves on the side of a mountain. They realize which way they need to go and head back to Serrinville.

Meanwhile, at the Come Inn, Borgnur find himself sitting in a room with the ever stone-faced…actually everything about him seems stone-like, Glorindu Nightblade. Being bored and wanting to actually do something this session, Borgnur tries to exit the inn. There are many times when he feels like those around him might threaten him, but he quickly recognizes (every.single.time) that it’s probably just his infection and he shouldn’t harm to poor humans. There was a time where his arm started acting up, but he subdued it quickly.

The party finally makes it back to Serrinville. The chat with a guard and use some lingo about the town to quickly get inside. Once inside, the party disagrees on what to do with the cure. Yakate convinces Gregory to come and bring the water to the little boy they promised to cure while the rest of the party decides they should go check on Borgnur. Yakate and Gregory both get to Abate’s place and knock on the door. They’re welcomes inside and taken to the boy. They use up most of the cure to heal the child. Abate conveniently gives hints that they could probably mix the cure with holy water and it will have the same effect. Yakate and Gregory leave after taking a barrel and head towards the local church.

Once Yakate and Gregory arrive at the church, the fill the barrel with water and have the priests there bless it to make it holy. Once it’s been blessed, Yakate and a priest take it down to the cellar to store it. Yakate comes back up from the cellar, then Gregory decides to go back down into the cellar to fill up the bottle of remaining zombie cure. Once the bottle is filled, they head back to the inn.

Back at the inn, the party is taking care of the ever perceptive Borgnur. Yakate and Gregory get there and heal the poor bastard. Once the healing takes place, everyone snags a room and hits the sack. Yakate, Gregory and Borgnur all take a room together while Malkith meditates in the pub area. After a few hours, Malkith joins the room of Borgnur and starts asking a bunch of questions while the other non-elves actually try to sleep.

The night ends and the party is all awake. Malkith is eager to go take a stroll around Serrinville, so most of the party decides to accompany him (won’t it be romantic?). Once the get down onto the main floor the smell of freshly cooked breakfast foods enter the nasal canals and entices them to stay and eat and gain 10% bonus to all learning experiences for the day. Verro Korius sits behind the grill or whatever else he’s cooking on making breakfast and starts handing out plates to his party mates. Malkith, still eager to “stroll” about starts to leave the inn, but Ilaria is right on his heels, following him out of the inn.

While the rest of the party eats, Ilaria and Malkith decide to hit up Doran’s shop. Once they arrive, knock on the door and find it’s locked, Malkith lets out an eldrith blast, hitting Ilaria square in the belly area, singing away her clothes around her midriff. She counters with her own attack, but before she can do anything more Malkith retaliates and knocks her unconscious. While she lay there, injured and exposed, Malkith reaches into his pack and takes out a rope then proceeds to tie Ilaria up. After she’s tied up, Malkith blasts open the door to Doran’s shop. Malkith goes inside and takes a bunch of magic items. Before too long, Ilaria wakes back up and cuts herself loose although her pants are caught up in the cutting so she, once again, finds herself almost naked. Once free, she attacks Malkith, knocking him unconscious. She then times him up, takes the weapons and flees back to the inn, screaming along the way that she had been attacked.

Once Malkith comes to, he cuts himself free and starts pursuing Ilaria. Before long, a couple city guards arrive at the scene. Malkith tries his best to subdue them, but ends up getting beat up and arrested.


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