Gregory House

Human Cleric


STR: 11
DEX: 11
CON: 13+1
INT: 14 +2
WIS: 16 +3
CHA: 14 +2

Ancient 2H sword: MindCutter
When below 40% health MindCutter becomes light enough to easily wield in one hand, also gives +2 strength. Lasts 5 minutes, cannot activate again until long rest.
The Diety Helm speaks to Gregory through the sword on occasion.

Worships Helm, the god of Protection.

Can speak Orkish language, as the Monastery monk’s believed to know the enemy in order to defeat it.


Gregory spent his early childhood on a farm being raised by his parents, one day when he was 8 some debtors paid his parents a visit and beat his father up because he didn’t have the money to repay them. His Father with blood gushing through his broken nose tried to pacify the crying Gregory by smiling and telling him it will all be okay, a hero will come save us one day.

However that was not the case, Gregory ended up being dropped off by his parents when he was 10 to a Monastery in Entrana, because they were deep in debt and couldn’t afford to feed him. Gregory has not seen his parents since.

The Monastery in the holy land Entrana was renown for training paladins and clerics. Upon first entering the Monastery the trainees gave an oath to Helm, god of protection. This oath was given before the ancient sword MindCutter, which the elder monks brought out only on special occasions. Those who were skilled in healing magics while also being physically strong go on to become paladins and serve in the Holy army of Entrana. Those skilled in healing but lacking physical prowess became clerics, also entering the ranks of the Holy army of Entrana.

When Gregory gave his oath to Helm in the presence of MindCutter he felt a strong pull towards the ancient sword. The sword tended to creep into Gregory’s dreams during his stay at the monastery. Gregory was adept at healing but no matter how hard he tried and trained he was always outclassed by his peers in any physical activity. Gregory was none-the-less adamant about becoming a paladin to protect the weak from the strong, often thinking back to his parents.

On the trainees 16th birthday they are given a test to see if they will train for the next two years to become paladins, clerics, or drop out of the monastery all together. Gregory’s two friends, twins Alexander and Claire SpellWeaver, took their tests first. Claire was assigned cleric training and George Paladin. When Gregory took the test he was assigned cleric. Gregory was outraged. Claire tried to calm him and failed. That night Gregory didn’t get a blink of sleep as one thought crept into his mind over and over, “I have to escape.”

Weeks went by while Gregory planned his escape. He became very distant from his two friends and they noticed. Claire cornered him one day confessing her love for him, begging him to stay and train to be a cleric with her (he never told anyone his plans she just knew him well enough). Gregory never thought of her that way before and didn’t know how to respond. Alexander also came up to Gregory letting him know that if he tried to escape that was his choice, but begged him to stay.

Gregory thought back to when he was first brought to the monastery and of MindCutter, deciding to take the ancient sword with him in his escape. Upon stealing the key to the room it was hidden in Gregory made the final preparations to run away in the middle of the night, packing some clothes, money, and enough food for a week. Gregory waited until late into the night when the last candles were put out, then creeped out of his bed towards the room MindCutter was stored in. Upon grasping the sword he saw a vision, a vision of a Staring eye on upright left gauntlet and heard the words, “Protect the weak”. Gregory also felt an acute attunement to Helm’s will, and increased powers of mind when holding MindCutter.

Out of the shadows stepped Alexander, telling Gregory to put the sword back. When Gregory turned around he saw that Alexander already had a sword and shield in hand. Alexander repeated that Gregory could not take the sword, and that if he must leave that he will not stop him, but to first return the sword. Gregory turns the sword to Alexander warning him that he will fight him if he must. In the battle that ensues Alexander clearly has the upper hand because Gregory cannot wield MindCutter well due to it’s weight and his lack of strength. After Alexander scores some nasty cuts on Gregory, the sword seems to become easier and easier to wield the more beat up Gregory gets. Gregory sees Alexander charging at him to finish the duel, but with the newly light MindCutter Gregory flips it up and towards Alexander who impales himself on MindCutter. A scream comes from the door as Claire sees her brother impaled by Gregory. Gregory pulls MindCutter of of Alexander and takes off, looking back to see Claire with huge tears in her eyes praying over Alexander to heal her dying brother.

Gregory leaves the Monastary without further incident, despite all the commotion that Claire’s scream caused. He then sets out to prove that he can protect the weak just like the Paladins do.

Gregory House

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