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Player Characters

Kishin Yakate, the Human Rōnin — Justin’s character
Glorindu Nightblade, the Dwarf Rogue — Josh’s character
Verro Korius, the High-Elf Wizard — Draven’s character
Aria, the Wood-Elf Druid — Kara’s character
Burgnur, the Half-Orc Fighter — Coreton’s character
Gregory House, the Human Cleric — Anthony’s character
Ilaria, the Tiefling Sorcerer — Brittany’s character
Hadrian, the something — Dylan’s character

Deceased PC’s

Malkith, the Drow Warlock — Dylan’s old character RIP Malkith dod: 1/23/16


Towns & Cities

Items of the Magic Sort

Forgnur’s Hat — currently possesed by Aria

The Adventure so Far…

  1. Prologue
  2. The Adventure Begins
  3. Episode 2: Doran’s Blade
  4. Malkith, Speaker of Salt
  5. Chapter 4: You Don’t Seem Yourself
  6. Chapter 5: Gregory’s Lost Love

Main Page

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